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Tomoki Sakurai | Kimoto Iraksa





  • 2010 栁沢香翠と仲間達展〈Gallery ART LAKSY  / 東京・上野毛〉

  • 2011 第12回ユニグラバス色紙展〈ギャラリーユニグラバス /  東京・銀座〉

  • 2012  再生の「息吹」vol.2〈六本木画廊   / 東京・六本木〉

  • 2013  Welcome 吉田町展〈吉田町画廊   / 横浜・関内〉

  • 2018〜 グループ展「freedom」〈Boji hair+gallery /  東京・渋谷〉・個展「モノクロのセカイ」〈カフェギャラリー"無"  /  横浜・元町〉




  • 第35回(2018)・36回(2019)・38回(2021)FUKUIサムホール美術展出展 3回入選(福井県)

  • 横浜市会 平成30年第3回定例会ポスターデザインコンペティション 最優秀賞受賞(神奈川県横浜市)


I'm from Kanagawa prefecture, Japan. Kanagawa is next to Tokyo. After graduating from the graphic design department, I had worked for multiple design companies. After I retired, I have been personally producing ballpoint pen drawings and graphic design since 2018. The ballpoint pen drawings I draw are neither dots nor lines, and I am constantly exploring unique techniques. From time to time I do design work and teach children in children's art classes.

  • 2010 Kousui Yanagisawa and Friend's Exhibition〈Gallery ART LAKSY / Kaminoge,Tokyo

  • 2011 12th Unigrabus Colored Paper's ExhibitionGallery Unigrabus / Ginza,Tokyo〉

  • 2012  vol.2 "Breath of reproduction"  〈Gallery Roppongi / Roppongi,Tokyo〉

  • 2013  Welcome Yoshida-machi Exhibition〈Yoshida-machi Exhibition   / Kannai,Yokohama〉

  • 2018〜 「freedom」Group exhibition〈Boji hair+gallery /  Shibuya,Tokyo〉                                                                                      Solo exhibition "Monochrome world"〈Cafe Gallery "MU"  / Motomachi,Yokohama〉

I also have other activities such as special exhibitions.  

  • 35th・36th ・38th FUKUI 22.7㎝×15.8㎝ exhibition of works by the general public. winning candidate(Fukui)

  • Yokohama City Council 2018 3rd Regular Meeting Poster Design competition grand prize(Yokohama,Kanagawa)

I am also active in holding a special exhibition at the gallery in Motomachi, Yokohama. (If you are interested in details, please contact us from Contact Page.

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