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About original picture sales

We also sell original drawings, although some of them are no longer available.

If you have work that can fond If, feel free to Contact Please contact us from the page.

About pen drawing order products

We also accept custom-made pen drawings.

The world of taste that comes out because it is monochrome ink. It is also possible to create works with a different atmosphere by adding color ink.

Randomly draw an arc, not a point or a line, and adjust the pen pressure and angle to arrive at a unique drawing method, and draw a slightly different special pen drawing work.

The time you see, the light you see, and even if you look at it every day, it seems to change little by little.

How about decorating such a picture?

So far, portraits of family members, wedding gifts and baby gifts for friends, and pictures of pet dogs and cats of memories.

We also accept orders such as decorating the wall with a picture with a special atmosphere.

It is also possible to expand the image while talking about the scenery and scenes of the desired place.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

About design production

To date, I have been involved in business cards, DM, leaflets, public relations magazines, posters, logo design, web design, etc. ( Some items have not been posted, but please see Othre Works for details. )

We work for a variety of people, from individual writers to NPOs, welfare corporations, planning companies, art galleries, and bakeries.

If you have any hope of your request, feel free to contact us please contact us from.

I would like to be able to create something that is unique to individual production and that is close to each person.

If you have any ties, I would be happy if we could work together.

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